In fact, TOR was never thought of as a pedophile network. It was created for some military needs but was eventually classified and made public, after which its active development began. It began to be used by a variety of people ranging from journalists and organizers who tried to remain secret during the investigation and ended up to law enforcement agencies who were on their site. And did not want to “flash” the officer. IP address. Thus, there is nothing wrong with the TOR network directly, it is a very convenient and good tool to protect the privacy of the person and prevent Internet censorship.

However, it is now a breeding ground for pedophiles, cybercriminals, and pavers, just a few clicks from the normal internet, and the essence of the problem in relation to our country is not the availability of TOR, but our law enforcement. The specialty of this network is the complete prostitution of agencies.

Governments of various countries are trying to cope with the intense Internet. In 2006, German intelligence agencies seized six computers operating Tor Nodes for illegally accessing child pornography.

In 2007, German police arrested Alexander Jensen in Dસેsseldorf for setting up a Tor server on his computer, through which a stranger sent false messages about the attack. Despite the fact that Mr. Jensen was soon released, he decided not to continue using his computer as a Tor exit point.

On September 25, 2009, the Great Firewall blacklist included 80% of the IP addresses of Tor Public Servers.

Unfortunately, I haven’t been able to find the facts of the fight against TOR by local law enforcement agencies. Maybe they do it anonymously.

Why do I say all this? The next time you see a message that another torrent tracker or pirate has been blocked, don’t be in a hurry. Recently, the image of internet pirates is very ideal. And the problem is much deeper. That is why we need to attract more attention and fight against them. Meanwhile, the issue will not resonate widely in society – pedophiles and cybercriminals will be fearless to continue their dirty business.

This text was created for informational purposes only, does not call for action and does not include links to any sites. Furthermore, we recall that the production, sale and transfer of drugs and psychotropic substances is a criminal offense under Art. 228-231 Criminal Code.

What is Deep Internet?

The Internet we use every day is called the “Surface Network”. To access it, no special equipment is required – a working connection is sufficient. “Surface” is easy to find all the pages of the Internet using any search engine, and the actions of users on the Internet and data about them are available to Internet providers. Accordingly, they can be tracked by law enforcement agencies as per the court decision.

In addition to the Surface Network, there is the Deep Internet (English “Deep Web”). You can’t find pages from the deep web through regular search engines – they are not indexed by search engines. Therefore, it is impossible to accurately assess the size of this segment of the Internet.

Links to pages on the Internet in a specific format are in a specific format, so you can’t open them with a normal browser. To access deeper networks, special programs are needed that maintain users’ anonymity and encrypt traffic.

Darknet is still a closed network within the Deep Internet. The concepts of “deep web” and “darknet” are often confused, but darknet has a fundamental difference from the general network.

The Deep Internet is a single network hidden from search engines, and can have multiple darkets, and each of them requires special access. So, to get into each of the popular darkets – Freon, Retroser or I2P – you need to install separate software.